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I’m Henry. I offer online yoga classes, workshops, and programs for dedicated practitioners looking to advance their skills and deepen their Self connection. 

Before I shifted my work online, I had taught yoga in 10+ countries, traveled the world offering specialized workshops and retreats, and even facilitated yoga teacher trainings. In 2018, I won the World Yoga Asana Championships in Beijing (yes, competitive yoga is a thing). I’ve also hosted a 108-episode podcast, Dharma Talk, and created a mobile app-based yoga program, which has since been integrated into Omstars, the “Netflix of Yoga.” 

Of course, I never could have predicted any of this. In many ways, it’s still shocking to read or write out my yogic pedigree. Like most, I started my practice from humble beginnings — average flexibility, zero knowledge of yogic tradition, and a sense of awe around those who’d walked the path before me.

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Photography by Monty Stilson. Videography by Andy Whitlatch.

Practicing, teaching, and creating with love and intention from Los Angeles, CA.

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