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Praise from Empowered YOGIS

I have heard so much about Henry and finally got the opportunity to take His class at YHSF. I found him to be one of the most amazing teachers who is so much vested in his practice which shows through his teachings and it’s impact on the students. It was definitely an honor to take his class and enhance my practice further. If anyone hasn’t had an opportunity to take his class, I would highly recommend. Thanks, Henry, for making such a positive impact on your students! Best wishes.
Asif Sardar
Asif Sardar
As a fellow yoga teacher, I can attest that Henry Winslow teaches most great workshops and public classes. He is very present and in tune with his students. His format for workshops is very effective in how he uses pranayama, drill work, lecture style, warm up, and then how to apply what we just learned. I will continue to take his classes and workshops in the future.
Greg Weglarski
Greg Weglarski
Henry is a fantastic teacher! He’s not afraid to teach advanced asana but he teaches in a way that is accessible for all levels. Take his class if you have the chance!
Tony Lupinacci
Tony Lupinacci
Henry is an excellent teacher! His cues are intelligent and fresh. He masterfully balances the powerful athletic nature of his class with a genuine sense of sweetness + compassion.
Anton Brandt
Anton Brandt
So inspirering... �
Carine Sofi
Carine Sofi
WOW! I'm so happy that I found Henry. Henry has a very succinct way of explaining each step, making it easier to transition through poses and to go deeper into each pose. I've been working on hip openers for a while now and don't feel like I've had much improvement until I worked on the sequences that Henry has offered. I hadn't heard of these adaptions before in several years working with various teachers or in my own YTT! THANK YOU!!
Bridget Pallas
Bridget Pallas
I took a 90 minute private lesson with Henry - he helped me reach new heights with my back bend and scorpion pose practice. Very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to the path, I have been inspired by Henry to reincorporate mantra into my practice as well which has already created a positive influence in my life! Thank you Henry.
Mallory E Miller
Mallory E Miller
Henry! Thanks for amazing workshop and sharing your knowledge via audio. It's so helpful and I deeply appreciate it!!
Bohyun Cecilia Im
Bohyun Cecilia Im
I graduated from the Bikram 9 week training in India not even 2 years ago. I’ve only been doing Bikram 6 years or less. He and his new wife are 2 of the most inspiring people I’ve run across on this yoga journey. Grateful that my friend Yakub Saveli turned me onto Henry and a few others. Very helpful. Namaste ���
Tricia Kolsby
Tricia Kolsby
Wow!! What a wonder teacher. Henry has great energy. His words created a space of peace and calm, even if the poses created discomfort. I am ready to incorporate Yin into my practice. I can totally see the benefits and believe it will be a positive peace to my life puzzle. Thank you.
Anna Fritzel-Shows
Anna Fritzel-Shows
A wonderful part of my journey , can't thank you enough! You rock!
Shantel Calvert
Shantel Calvert
Bikram Yoga East Dallas here to appreciate a genuine yogi. Henry Winslow has the light! My students have greatly enjoyed his classes this weekend and are already anticipating his return. Highly recommend booking him at your studio if you get the chance.
Cecilia Castillo
Cecilia Castillo

Hi, I'm Henry.

In September 2012, I walked into my first “advanced class” at a now-defunct Bikram Yoga studio in midtown Manhattan. I had already been practicing fairly consistently for almost two years and seen steady improvement. Still, I was stunned by what I witnessed in that room.

I could hardly believe the shapes I saw more experienced students contorting themselves into. Until then, I would have assumed those positions were anatomically impossible, or at the very least reserved for circus performers born with conveniently absent bones.

Rather than get deflated, I got inspired. I saw what was possible that day, and it radically shifted my perspective. Six years later, here I am, executing all those poses with a smile on my face. More to the point, I no longer doubt myself or constrain my own development, on or off the mat, with self-fulfilling limiting beliefs.

Yoga has done much more for me than dramatically transform my physical body. The practice has taught me above all else never to doubt my own capability.  Since committing to a consistent and intense yoga practice, I have been empowered to leave a comfortable corporate job that did not interest me, travel the world and live nomadically out of a suitcase for 6 months, and marry the woman of my dreams. Yoga has given me the vision to see what I want and the confidence to settle for nothing less.

It would be my privilege to share these sciences and practices with you, so that you too can witness and embrace your natural, infinite power.

Personalized Yoga Instruction for All Levels

No matter your experience level, you will walk away from a private lesson with me with the tools to elevate your yoga practice and realize your innate, infinite power. 

Who It's For

Who have never tried yoga but are interested in studying under the supervision and individual guidance of an experienced teacher.

Who have a reached a plateau in their practice or want to expand their knowledge beyond asana into meditation and practical spirituality.

Whose parents believe in a holistic approach to health and want to provide their children with a structured environment to build mental and physical strength and flexibility.

Who are career driven and curious about maintaining mental and physical health to improve their productivity and performance.

How it Works

The first step to working with me is to request a private lesson. I’ll ask you to fill out a short survey that helps me understand where you’re coming from and how I can serve you best.

If we’re a good fit, I’ll follow up with you to determine where and how often you’d like to meet. Private lessons can be conducted at the student’s home, a studio space in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or virtually over Skype. I offer discounted rates for committing to class packages upfront.

During our first private lesson together, you have the option to dive right into a focused topic of your choice, OR I can lead you through a comprehensive practice including asana (poses), pranayama (breath work), kriya (purification exercises), and meditation. As we continue to work together, we will continually revisit your goals and adjust the practice as needed.

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