Meet Henry

I’m Henry. I offer online yoga classes, workshops, and programs for dedicated practitioners looking to advance their skills and deepen their Self connection. 

Before I shifted my work online, I had taught yoga in 10+ countries, traveled the world offering specialized workshops and retreats, and even facilitated yoga teacher trainings. In 2018, I won the World Yoga Asana Championships in Beijing (yes, competitive yoga is a thing). I’ve also hosted a 108-episode podcast, Dharma Talk, and created a mobile app-based yoga program, which has since been integrated into Omstars, the “Netflix of Yoga.” 

Of course, I never could have predicted any of this. In many ways, it’s still shocking to read or write out my yogic pedigree. Like most, I started my practice from humble beginnings — average flexibility, zero knowledge of yogic tradition, and a sense of awe around those who’d walked the path before me.

These days, what I teach reflects my practice, past and present. After sampling several lineages and schools of yoga, some over periods of many years, I have followed Bruce Lee’s famous advice and taken what has worked, rejected what hasn’t, and added what is uniquely my own. Now, it’s my privilege to share my methods with those who trust me to guide them.

About My Classes

In my mind, to design a yoga class is an expression of creativity. I do not teach a set sequence or subscribe to a dogmatic method. Instead, each class is unique, blending in-the-moment inspiration with functional sequencing toward an end goal.

However, there is a structure to my creativity. Classes typically begin with an invocation and  some pranayama or kriya, followed by sun salutations, standing postures, and a substantial floor sequence. Each sequence is oriented around the five directional movements of the spine — backbending, forward rounding, traction, side flexion, and twists. Naturally, every class ends with yoga nidra or savasana for deep rest and integration of the work.

Students tend to describe my cues as extremely precise, leading to more subtle awareness of their bodies and alignment of their asanas, and my presence as calm, allowing them to access unexpected depths of experience and form, without excessive force.

Why I Practice and Why I Teach

As a dedicated student since 2010 and teacher since 2016, I am proud of all of my achievements. I am proud of my asana practice, I am proud of my productivity as a teacher and creator, and most of all I’m proud of the impact I’ve had on students who’ve trusted me.

But far more valuable than any of those accolades is the greatest gift yoga has given me — which, frankly, I hadn’t expected — clarity.

Today, I understand myself and the role I play within my reality better than I ever have before. And I continue to hone this grasp of myself with every day of practice.

Yoga, even at the most physical level, tests our grit and determination just as much as our ability to accept and surrender. Paired with conscious breath, asanas balance our nervous system, so that we can think more clearly and operate more intentionally. Layer on a consistent routine of self-inquiry, and you have a proven system for authentic living. It was through yoga that I cultivated a code of personal values that guide my thoughts, my speech, and my actions in the real world around me.

To understand myself, to be the best possible version of myself — these are the reasons I practice. And to help others do the same is why I teach.

Trainings And Certifications

50-hour Meridian Yoga Therapy Level 2 Certification, June 2019
Science of Self, New York, NY

5-day Hand Balance Training, May 2019
Miguel Sant’ana, Ibiza, Spain

50-hour Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Certification, March 2019
Progressive Ashtanga Yoga, Austin, TX

50-hour Meridian Yoga Therapy Level 1 Certification, November 2018
Science of Self, New York, NY

200-hour JM Vinyasa Certification, January 2018
Lighthouse Yoga School, Brooklyn, NY

300-hour Advanced JM Vinyasa Certification, August 2017
Lighthouse Yoga School, Brooklyn, NY

Other Significant Influences

Bikram and Ghosh Yoga — Gloria Suen, Joseph Encinia

Ashtanga Yoga — Kino MacGregor, Eddie Stern

Dharma Yoga — Sri Dharma Mittra

Acknowledging Privilege and Giving Back

I am aware that as a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered, able-bodied male, I’ve benefited from unearned advantages, which have granted me disproportionate access to yoga education and accelerated my career trajectory. With that privilege comes responsibility.

I also recognize that yoga, an ancient tradition with deep roots in South Asia, has been repackaged, commodified, and capitalized by the West. In the past century, yoga has exploded into a multi-billion-dollar industry, yet the very culture that blessed us with the practice does not benefit commensurately.

I pledge to honor yoga by consistently acknowledging its traditional roots, representing a holistic view of the practice in my teaching, and donating 10% of annual profits to charities benefiting welfare and education programs for Indian youth.

Photography by Renee Choi.