DT 042: Uproot the Source with Jerome Burdi

Jerome Burdi had a series of life changing events before finding the path of yoga. He was shot in the leg with a stray bullet just two streets away from where he’d discover his yoga teacher more than a decade later. He then became a newspaper crime journalist in New York City and South Florida. After eight years, the light of the yoga path was awakened for Jerome during a shamanic retreat in Brazil. He finally found his life’s work, so he quit his job and went to India to do his first yoga teacher training.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jerome on:

  • Witnessing and processing other people’s suffering as an “ambulance chaser”
  • Vipassana meditation and ayahuasca ceremonies — parallels and differences between two paths toward heightened consciousness
  • Developing the intuition to recognize willpower and rigidity as separate from addressing suffering at its root


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