DT 046: Out of the Cage with Emmett Tatter

During his years in prison, Emmett Tatter discovered that yoga has the power to change, to heal, and to transform.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Emmett on:

  • The importance of finding your purpose in a difficult situation, especially when it comes to overcoming negative self-talk and doubt
  • How Emmett applied the lessons of yoga to overcome rage and fear in prison, and how his practice was put to the test inside a physical cage
  • Why Emmet began teaching others, and how despite prison staff’s pressure to shut it down, Emmett’s yoga program grew to a waitlist of literal hundreds


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2 thoughts on “DT 046: Out of the Cage with Emmett Tatter”

  1. what about the trauma he inflicted on the older gentleman that still fears people breaking into his home and holding his own gun to his head…….who cares what emmett went through in jail-he is a piece of shyt that deserved life behind bars–oh life is sooo tough when your a criminal huh?

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