DT 047: Elevate Through Resistance with Gokulacandra

Gokulacandra is a student and teacher of yoga and the founder of Gokul Yoga. Born Jani Jaatinen in Finland, Gokulacandra Das started exploring the practice with Janne Kontala, a friend and lifelong teacher. He has been practicing yoga everyday for 17 years and has integrated those spiritual practices into his life. In September 2012, Gokulacandra moved to Malaysia with his wife Jaci to open the Gokul Yogashala.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Gokulacandra on:

  • The concept of Yukta Vairagya — using our physical matter to connect to the deep spiritual essence
  • Our natural condition state of resistance, and the importance of going against the current
  • Hidden knowledge, and why Gokulacandra is careful about the methods and channels through which he transmits the lessons of his teachers 
  • Why Gokulacandra’s yoga teacher told him not to quit creating electronic music, and how we can use the arts to elevate consciousness


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