DT 053: Go Full Circle with Ulises Calatayud

After a successful career as an international executive in the corporate world, Ulises Calatayud is now dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves through mind, body, and soul techniques at his yoga studio, YogaCare, in downtown Manhattan. He helps people express their maximum human potential with the objective of living the best life we can possibly live. Ulises is President of the International Yoga Sports Federation; founder of The Full Circle, a transformative yoga philosophy program; Senior Bikram Yoga and Dharma Yoga and Skydancing Tantra Teacher; and Reiki Master.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Ulises on:

  • Certain universal laws that, if we accept, will allow us to live in harmony with nature
  • Learning various traditions from native peoples and respected teachers, and maintaining the integrity of these practices in combination
  • Turning his human experience into his practice, by combining his corporate identity with his spiritual world
  • Why Ulises created the Full Circle Program, and how he has helped dozens of people develop a personalized system for conscious transformation


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