DT 055: Heal and Jam with Deuce Bennett

Deuce Bennett is a vinyasa, rocket, hatha, and yin yoga teacher operating in Austin, TX. He is also a working musician, songwriter, composer, audio engineer, and producer. Yoga helped him overcome heroin and alcohol addiction and heal from career-threatening carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, he understands his purpose in life is to spread joy and healing through his various enterprises and to teach students to tap in to their inner strength and grace.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Deuce on:

  • How the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll lifestyle sucked Deuce into a pattern of self-destructive behavior, and how yoga helped him recover
  • The timely spark of intuition that literally saved Deuce’s life and sent him down the path of yoga, reflection, and spirituality
  • Finding creative inspiration from yoga as an artist, and bringing the essence of yoga into his musical collaborations to lift others up


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