DT 066: Around the Wheel with Dov Vargas

Dov Vargas, also known as Yogi Varuna, was born into a family of yogis. As the son of Sri Dharma Mittra, he has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 9 years. In 2014, Dov created the Dharma Yoga Wheel with his business partner, Raquel Vamos. Together, they have developed and inspired the now popular wheel yoga.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Dov on:

  • Growing up surrounded by yoga as a child, and later making the conscious decision to practice, teach, and live yoga as an adult
  • Learning to see his father as both a family member and a teacher
  • Psychic development techniques and why they are kept secret
  • The origin of the Dharma Yoga Wheel, creating a business out of duty rather than intention, and difficult lessons learned from shrewd business 


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