DT 067: Fungi for the Future with Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya Papanikolov is the founder of Rainbo, a medicinal mushroom brand and product line that just launched. She’s a holistic nutritionist and the creative force behind The Well Woman, where she inspires and educates on plants, fungi, and food as medicine.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Tonya on:

  • Walking into the unknown, and how yoga helped Tonya move through a difficult but pivotal transition period in her life
  • Mushroom consciousness, mycoremediation, and how fungi can heal our planet and our human bodies
  • Mycophobia and sorting out rational caution from unconscious social conditioning when it comes to fear of fungi
  • Psychedelic mushrooms, microdosing, and the potential of psilocybin for therapeutic use
  • The new product Tonya has created for you to absorb the balanced benefits of medicinal mushrooms conveniently and efficiently 


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Links from this episode:

Get in touch with Tonya:

  • TheWellWoman.co — Learn more about holistic healing, lifestyle, and food as medicine for a healthier you
  • Rainbo.com — find Tonya’s mushroom products, recipes, events, and education, and get 15% OFF your 11:11 tincture with code DHARMA
  • Follow @thewellwomanco on Instagram
  • Follow @rainbomushrooms on Instagram

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