DT 067: Fungi for the Future with Tonya Papanikolov

Tonya Papanikolov is the founder of Rainbo, a medicinal mushroom brand and product line that just launched. She’s a holistic nutritionist and the creative force behind The Well Woman, where she inspires and educates on plants, fungi, and food as medicine.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Tonya on:

  • Walking into the unknown, and how yoga helped Tonya move through a difficult but pivotal transition period in her life
  • Mushroom consciousness, mycoremediation, and how fungi can heal our planet and our human bodies
  • Mycophobia and sorting out rational caution from unconscious social conditioning when it comes to fear of fungi
  • Psychedelic mushrooms, microdosing, and the potential of psilocybin for therapeutic use
  • The new product Tonya has created for you to absorb the balanced benefits of medicinal mushrooms conveniently and efficiently 


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Links from this episode:

Get in touch with Tonya:

  • TheWellWoman.co — Learn more about holistic healing, lifestyle, and food as medicine for a healthier you
  • Rainbo.com — find Tonya’s mushroom products, recipes, events, and education, and get 15% OFF your 11:11 tincture with code DHARMA
  • Follow @thewellwomanco on Instagram
  • Follow @rainbomushrooms on Instagram

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1 thought on “DT 067: Fungi for the Future with Tonya Papanikolov”

  1. For thousands of years we have known that medicinal mushrooms can have a tonic effect on the body that help improve physical and emotional health. They can act as prebiotics to help improve gut health, reduce depression and anxiety, fight cancer and improve cognitive acuity and memory.

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