DT 073: Food Is Medicine with Zoey Gong

Zoey Gong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and dietitian in NYC. She specializes in TCM cuisine, herbalism, moxibustion, and holistic food therapy.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Zoey on:

  • Facing severe health problems, including breast tumors and chronic skin rashes, after moving to the US and adopting an American diet, and how her journey toward self-healing brought her back to her Chinese roots
  • The key differences between the Western clinical and Eastern traditional approaches to nutrition and medicine at large
  • Using TCM herbs and natural supplements to regulate hormonal imbalances and feel better in daily life
  • Pairing foods of a particular energy with a matching yoga practice to create a specific effect in the mind-body continuum


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Links from this episode:

Get in touch with Zoey:

  • ZoeyXinyiGong.com — seek holistic Chinese Medicine Therapy from Zoey or join one of her food-as-medicine dinner parties
  • Follow @zoeyxinyigong on Instagram

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