DT 075: Devoted to Healing with Bibi Lorenzetti

Bibi Lorenzetti is a Level 2 Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach. She has been sharing the practice of yoga for the past 10 years with people all over the world. She provides a space for people to research, explore, and learn about themselves both at her home studio in the Hudson Valley and on her retreats. Bibi wishes to share her journey of healing anorexia through Ashtanga yoga in the hopes to inspire others to come into a state of health by building stability, discipline, and awareness through practice.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Bibi on:

  • [8.27]  Her belief that our first dharma is to learn to take care of and feel comfortable in our physical bodies. Only once Bibi had accepted her body and developed a compassionate relationship to herself was she able to fulfill her second dharma and do her duty in the world by sharing her knowledge through teaching. 


  • [12.25] The deep sense of inner communion and of feeling at home within herself that Bibi experienced during her first yoga class.  Although she was in the grip of a destructive eating disorder the class provided a place of safety and structure where she was able to appreciate the strength and stability of her body. 


  • [16.36] Bibi’s struggle with anorexia and how it developed as a means of establishing some sort of control when she moved to a different country and lost her sense of identity. She talks about going from being comfortable in her own skin to feeling ashamed of her body and developing a sense of disconnection and separation. 


  • [26.20] The significance of the quiet, repetitive, structured practice of Ashtanga Yoga in providing stability and allowing Bibi to listen to the content of her brain and remain grounded. Ashtanga helped her to confront her destructive thoughts and use her energy to do something good.


  • [34.14] How Ashtanga affects all areas of our lives, enabling us to become more curious, more compassionate and less judgmental. It helps us to recognize negative patterns and offers opportunities for release, growth, and renewal.


  • [46.50] Yoga practice is a form of prayer that we do with our bodies which allows us to connect to nature and to the divine. Bibi refers to the 14th Sutra which stresses the importance of practice done over a long time with devotion and dedication.




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