DT 076: Balance Your Business with Kyle Weiger

Kyle Weiger is a traveling handstand coach and online entrepreneur on a mission to show people that they are capable of way more than they think. His workshops and online courses are built on the idea that the biggest changes happen through a combination of hard work, focus, and fun!


In this episode, you’ll hear from Kyle on:

  • [09.31] His transition from college baseball player to online handstand coach via a career in the corporate world. He explains the importance of following your path, listening to your calling and understanding how that calling will change at different points in life.  


  • [12.50] His progression from yoga to gymnastics to the discovery of hand-balancing as its own distinct art. Kyle explains how he approaches hand balancing with a yogic mindset, focused on his body and present in the moment. 


  • [23.22] The key differences between the gymnastic and the yogic approach to hand balancing. Especially the different emphasis on the placement of the hands and feet and the part that the breath plays in the pose. 


  • [32.22] How to feel confident as a teacher and avoid falling prey to impostor syndrome. Kyle stresses the importance of working hard, not comparing yourself to others and reaching out to the right students. 


  • [39.18] Kyle’s advice for entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into an online business. He details his plans to set up a service which will provide them with the tools to put their content online and teach them how to use them to their maximum efficiency.  


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  • kyleweiger.com Keep up with Kyle’s upcoming events including his tour through Europe and Australia this Fall 
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