DT 081: Invest in Intuition with Jarret Christie

Jarret Christie (@jarretnyc) is a yogi and health and wellness investor focused on female-founded startups. Prior to providing capital and advisory to entrepreneurs full-time, Jarret spent 13 years as a trader on Wall Street. He credits yoga with helping him to break out of a conventional mold to find greater fulfillment in helping others with his business experience. 

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jarret on: 


  • [12.51] His former career as a Wall Street trader. Jarret explains how, as his yoga practice evolved from the occasional class to a dedicated daily routine, he decided to swap the status and financial security of the world of institutional investment for his current role as an independent health and wellness investor.


  • [28.01] Jarret sets out his criteria for investing in ethical businesses. He is interested in funding novel or exceptional products, (current examples include medicinal mushroom tinctures and biodegradable yoga mats). Above all, he needs to believe in the abilities and vision of the company’s founder. 


  • [34.43] The ability to spot a trend and the difference between depending on data and going with your gut instinct. Jarret believes his background in finance and his experience as a yoga student has given him a unique perspective on assessing market developments, enabling him to develop an internal algorithm to intuitively identify trends. 


  • [ 42.51] Co-creating the Henry Yoga app and helping to bring Henry’s dream to life by delivering yoga to the maximum number of people through technology. Jarret and Henry’s shared goal is to produce a comprehensive, accessible, and affordable program designed to democratize yoga. 


  • [46.04] Jarret’s identification of the need for an app that allows people to go deeper into their practice and effect real change in their lives. He explains the vision and the process behind the creation of the program and highlights the honesty and authenticity of its intentions.  




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  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Muktibodhananda – Grab a copy of Jarret’s recommended book
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