DT 085: Download the Truth with Lamonte Goode

Lamonte Goode (@cyberyoga on Instagram) is the founder and creator of Cyberyoga, a new-age, futuristic, spiritual movement practice.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Lamonte on: 

  • [10.26] The creation of Cyberyoga. Lamonte reveals how his background in breakdance and circus arts influenced his unique hybrid yoga style which specializes in advanced arm balances and creative movement. 


  • [16.28] The philosophy of Cyberyoga. Lamonte emphasizes that, although Cyberyoga is physically demanding, it is essentially a spiritual practice, a fusion of ancient and modern disciplines, intended to produce an elevated level of consciousness and create a mind open to receiving information from higher dimensions.   


  • [28.13] Lamonte’s discovery of the healing power of yoga. He describes the powerful and surprising emotions he experienced when performing certain flows and credits yoga with enabling him to release deeply-stored trauma from his body. 


  • [30.13] Lamonte shares the insights he gained from participating in ayahuasca plant medicine ceremonies. He describes feeling that we are all connected on a profound level and that the barriers of race, religion and sex that appear to divide us are superficial.


  • [45.21] The importance of staying focussed on your goals and not allowing criticism to stand in the way of your vision. Lamonte affirms his intention to continue his mission to inspire others, create communities and transform lives through the spiritual and futuristic practice of Cyberyoga.




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