DT 086: Connect and Detach with Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner (@dylanwerneryoga) is an international yoga teacher from Southern California. He pioneers a unique style of vinyasa yoga centered around myofascial meridian sequencing and emphasizes the exploration of a physical journey to deepen the inner energetic connection. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of eastern philosophy lend a unique perspective to his teaching methodologies.


  In this episode, you’ll hear from Dylan on:

  • [08.35] The meaning of dharma in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Dylan suggests that the concept of dharma can be damaging if it is perceived as predetermined and is used to limit an individual’s life choices.


  • [35.58] Removing the ego through service to others. Dylan believes that life can be simpler and more satisfying when we focus on the needs of others rather than on ourselves.  


  • [39.53] The union of body and mind. The role that a strenuous physical practice can play in stilling the mind and preparing it for meditation.     


  • [46.47] Connecting with our true nature. The benefit of blurring the boundaries between the individual and nature and of seeing ourselves as part of a universal energy.   


  • [50.43] Dylan explores the differences between love and attachment. He defines love as a pure, selfless emotion and stresses the need to let go of attachment and accept the inevitability of change.




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1 thought on “DT 086: Connect and Detach with Dylan Werner”

  1. Henry, it’s Emmett Tatter.
    I saw this episode and to my surprise saw that you were interviewing Dylan Werner. Thant’s awesome and congratulations on your move from New York as well. There has to be mixed emotions there. So much has gone on in my own life since our own interview and the training I did with you guys up in New York. I think that’s true for all of our lives though, change is unavoidable at times.
    I remember when I was first released from prison, I took one of Dylan’s amazing workshops in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. I had only been out after 10 years for I think a Two or three weeks. Dylan was awesome and has amassing things to say and I respect him tremendously. When I was in prison I would look at a picture I had cut from a magazine that my mom sent me in the mail. The picture motivated me immensely and I would day dream about traveling the world like him or one day training with him. I did one of them and had the opportunity to at least do the workshop and had an amazing time. Maybe one day my dream to do his 300 hour training will come true , however far off I am from making the type of money I would need, but one day I’ll get to that place.
    To Dylan. That workshop was badass and you are a monster yogi who I have tons of respect and admiration for. You are humble so you deflect what I’ve said, but you helped me in prison without even knowing. That’s Dharma Talk my friend.
    Thanks Henry I love and miss all of you guys. Your doing amazing. Stay strong. The training I had with all of you at Lighthouse was one of the greatest things to ever happen in my life. Magical. Thank you again and good luck on your journey and new chapter.

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