DT 090: Look Into the Shadows with Bee Bosnak

Bee Bosnak (@beebosnak on Instagram) is a New York City based healer/teacher/mentor and the creator of Heal Yourself, a method that merges shadow work, somatic studies, sound, yoga, and meditation to connect with Spirit and heal past trauma. Bee has been studying the human condition for the past decade and continues to study philosophical and psycho-spiritual aspects of the practice from various disciplines. Her transformational and heartfelt Heal Yourself workshops and retreats around the globe give her students the courage to take back their power, lean into discomfort, and learn how to rise with bravery. 


In this episode, you’ll hear from Bee on: 

[10.52] Facing the shadows. The focus of Bee’s transformative Heal Yourself Yoga Method is on accessing the shadows; the buried traumas and repressed emotions which, if left unresolved, can cause psychological and physical harm. 


[13.22] Retrieving our power to heal. Bee explains how she uses meditation, yoga, journaling and somatic shadow work to put her clients in touch with their subconscious minds. Her mission is to help others work with their inner darkness and rediscover their innate ability to heal themselves.


[19.01] Bee stresses the importance of recognizing the triggers that cause deeply repressed emotions to rise to the surface. She recommends taking time to understand our triggers in order to cultivate more mindful and less reactive patterns of behavior. 


[20.43] Our latent Buddha nature. The purpose of Bee’s work is to help people reconnect to their inner truth and teach them to treat their authentic selves with compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.      


[36.37] The mind body spirit connection. Bee advises us to see our physical and psychological symptoms as signs of a deeper spiritual unease. She advocates taking responsibility for our healing by making use of all the tools and techniques at our disposal to deepen our self-awareness and advance our spiritual growth.  



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Get in touch with Bee:

  • Follow @beebosnak on Instagram
  • Her retreat schedule can be found on beebosnak.com – including her upcoming Bali retreat from April 11-18 2020. 
  • Bee’s online yoga and meditation classes can be found on yogagirl.com


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