DT 092: Decide to Be Your Best with Jacob Manning

Jacob Manning (@jacobmanningyoga) is a yoga teacher living in Southern California, who believes in finishing what you start. Underneath the mesmerizing movements and impressive strength of his own practice, the deeper message of Jacob’s teaching is to show how God or a higher power is working in his life, in the hopes that others may see the same in their own. Jacob thrives on sharing the mood-altering and mind-transforming practice of yoga at retreats and festivals, and in more intimate settings with his private clients.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jacob on: 

  • [10.54] Karmic retribution. Jacob reflects on his past behaviour and reveals how he feels he experienced a karmic payback for the harm he caused. His present focus is on spreading positive energy and doing the right thing for the right reason. 


  • [18.13] Yoga as a tool for self-discovery. Jacob shares how he turned to yoga as a means of understanding himself better at a time when his sense of identity and self-worth were shattered by injury and illness.


  • [23.05] His personal epiphany. How Jacob’s acceptance of his past and his willingness to learn from his mistakes allowed him to start living fully and consciously in the moment.


  • [31.57] The transformative power of Ashtanga Yoga. Jacob explains why he loves the routine and discipline of Ashtanga and its ability to elevate his mood and ignite his passion for life. He credits yoga with helping him to change his lifestyle, his attitude and his path in life.


  • [37.46] The spiritual aspect of his practice. Since becoming a Yogi Jacob has experienced a spiritual awakening. He talks about feeling God in the stillness after his practice and of becoming aware of a divine presence in the beauty of the world around him.



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