DT 093: Your Questions Answered with Henry Winslow

In this episode, Henry tackles the following topics: 

  •  [09.42] The definition of dharma and how to find our purpose. He refers to the Japanese concept of ikigai and explains how we can use it to build our lives around doing something we love and that makes a positive contribution to the world.


  • [17.53] The possibility of averting climate change disaster. Henry points to the work of regenerative agriculture movements such as Kiss the Ground and Farmer’s Footprint and praises their efforts to raise awareness of environmental issues and highlight the important role of the soil in capturing carbon from the atmosphere. 


  • [24.45] Using yoga to overcome addiction. Henry concedes that exchanging one harmful addiction for another healthier one is a positive step but believes that real recovery begins when yoga starts to deepen the practitioner’s self-awareness and allows them to identify the root cause of their addiction.  


  • [28.36] The mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. In response to the question ‘Why is yoga so damn good for the mind, body and soul?’, Henry examines how regular practice can increase our cardiovascular fitness, sharpen our concentration, develop our compassion and connect us to unity consciousness.


  • [33.19] Henry’s favorite Dharma Talk episodes. He reveals that he has learnt something from every single show but picks a few interviews that stand out for him, from his first ever episode with Hargobind Khalsa to his recent conversation with Ana Forrest.   


  • [37.01] Henry’s advice to prospective yoga teachers. He emphasizes the need for them to commit fully to their practice and to be passionate, creative, disciplined and business-like in their approach. 



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