DT 094: Bring Back Our Values with Jeff Krasno

Jeff Krasno (@jeffkrasno) is the founder of Wanderlust (@wanderlustfest), a global series of wellness events, and CEO / founder of Commune (@onecommune), an online education platform featuring spiritual and wellness-oriented thought leaders. In all his work, he focuses on fostering community and connection as a means to heal and transform. He is the author of 2 books and the host of the Commune podcast.

 In this episode, you’ll hear from Jeff on: 

  •  [14.31] Creating socially conscious businesses. He discusses the vision behind Wanderlust, the yoga and mindfulness-based B Corp he co-founded in order to promote wellbeing and create a community based around the core values of personal spirituality, environmentalism and engagement with the arts. 


  • [22.43] Reconnecting with nature. Jeff talks about the need for us to develop a more harmonious relationship with nature and explains how he hopes to raise awareness of environmental and wellness issues through his online learning platform, Commune.


  • [36.01] Jeff’s assessment of our current value neutral society. He expresses his concerns that our lives are no longer informed by the universal moral truths and spiritual principles that guided previous generations and believes that individualism and unchecked consumerism have led to a sense of disconnection and social alienation.


  • [46.38] The importance of building stronger communities and creating a more inclusive society based on meaningful values. Jeff’s ambition is to provide opportunities for people with opposing views to connect and engage in frank and civilized discussions on potentially polarizing subjects. 


  • [55.05] The role of yoga in creating a more ethical and communal society. In Jeff’s opinion, yoga can help us to become more aware of our interconnectedness and enable us to cultivate deeper relationships with others and with the world around us.




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