DT 106: A Touch of Humor with Pedro Luna and Bryan Holub

Pedro Luna (@yogawithpedro) and Bryan Holub (@yogi_bryan) are two yoga instructors and dads who took the internet by storm in the past four years creating globally recognized, funny, and relatable yoga/spiritual memes on Instagram. Pedro is the real life human behind the @yogimemes account, and Bryan runs @namaste_af. Together they are the hosts of The Yogi Show (@theyogishowpodcast), a podcast about yoga, mindfulness, and gratitude with a touch of humor.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Pedro and Bryan on: 

  • [10.01] The funny side of yoga. Pedro and Bryan reflect on their light-hearted approach to life and stress the importance of humor and its ability to relieve anxiety, especially in these difficult times.


  • [18.10] The Yogi Show. Pedro credits his appearance on Dharma Talk with inspiring him to collaborate with Bryan and create the Yogi Show, a podcast which celebrates yoga, mindfulness, gratitude and laughter. 


  • [24.18] Starting something new. Pedro advises listeners to ditch the excuses and have the courage to embark on new projects, such as podcasting, without waiting for everything to be perfect.


  • [31.07] Limiting the use of social media. The pair discuss their efforts to minimize their consumption of social media content in order to avoid exposure to misinformation and misleading advice. As content creators who want to work in a productive and time-efficient manner, they recommend batching; the practice of allocating a certain amount of time to specific tasks.


  • [44.04] Community revival. Bryan expresses his hope that the sense of interconnectedness created by the coronavirus pandemic will strengthen communities and increase our sense of solidarity.   


  • [1.01.01] Mindful living. Pedro adds that many people are becoming aware of the effect their actions have on others. He encourages us all to continue to be considerate, mindful and empathetic after the pandemic has passed.




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