DT 003: Ignoring the Drama with Will Jones

Will Jones is one of the founders of We Are Yoga, which is both a hot yoga studio in Ormond Beach, Florida and also an ambitious yoga lifestyle brand. Will and We Are Yoga have created the WAYmat, an all-purpose mat and towel combination; WAYcations, a series of immersive yoga retreats and weekends hosted all around the country; and Battle Asana, a light-hearted yoga competition circuit focused on raising money for charitable causes.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Will on:

  • What happened when Will slid health up to #1 on the values priority list
  • How his yoga practice makes its “WAY” into everything he’s doing, physical or otherwise
  • How he turned a manufacturing disaster into an opportunity to connect with more yogis on an honest level
  • Why there’s no use for drama in yoga

Links from this episode:

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