DT 004: Get In Your ‘Yes’ with Jody Shield

Jody Shield is a London-based motivational speaker, author, blogger, meditation guide, and intuitive healer. Although she does not identify as a “yogi” per se, she has earned the respect of yogis far and wide for her dedicated work to make meditation and holistic healing more accessible to the mainstream. Jody supports people in processing the past, being present and creating a life they love.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jody on:

  • A mindful morning routine you can use to wake up the endocrine system and begin your day with optimism and clarity
  • Trusting your intuition, committing to decisions, and creating space for amazing things to come your way
  • Accessing the subconscious mind to heal past traumas and illness through ancient plant-based medicinal rituals
  • Writing a book in 5 months without a clue where to begin

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