DT 007: Put Your Oxygen Mask On First with Michael Guiou

Michael Guiou is a Level 2 Authorized ashtanga teacher in New York City. In addition to running his Mysore-style programs, he is also a yoga philosophy fanatic who gives lecture from time to time, both requested and spontaneous. You can find his schedule and general musings about life on his website sadhanainthecity.com.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Michael on:

  • Responsibility as a two-way street, and how a focus on giving while expecting nothing in return breeds community
  • The value of “putting your oxygen mask on first,” and how a decidedly non-morning person started waking up at 3:30am daily
  • Why every student must have a teacher, no matter how advanced or knowledgable she may be
  • Making sudden career strides as a yoga teacher without any extra effort, and the benefit of cultivating real relationships over time


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