DT 010: Live in Joy with Ainsley Ayres

Ainsley Ayres is a silver medalist from the 2015 and 2017 USA National Yoga Championship and in 2016 finished 4th at the World Yoga Sports Championship. Apart from taking her onto the world stage, yoga has helped Ainsley recover from sport injuries and manage depression, anxiety, and ADHD. But above all else, Ainsley finds unending joy in practicing yoga and sees her life’s purpose to spread the practice.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Ainsley on:

  • Putting together a cocktail of mantras to overcome self-doubt, build confidence, and find the joy in life
  • Being honest and unapologetic with yourself about your obsessions, regardless of what “normal” looks like to others
  • Why she competes in yoga, and why it has never felt antithetical to the nature of yoga


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3 thoughts on “DT 010: Live in Joy with Ainsley Ayres”


    Ainsley Ayers is one of the most stunning people on the planet, inside and out! I met Ainsley early on in my practice and watched her grow into the amazing champion that I saw the moment I met her! This podcast is amazing on too many levels to count! ROCK, SHINE, INSPIRE & ILLUMINATE ON Henry & Ainsley!

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