DT 011: Back in Balance with Michael Fine

Michael Fine’s life was tragically altered on the morning of April 14, 2010, when driving to work, he was struck head on by a truck, resulting in the traumatic amputation of his left arm at the shoulder. After the accident, Michael found some relief from Chronic Residual Limb Pain Syndrome through a combination of Hatha Yoga and medical cannabis, both of which he has championed as a teacher and advocate. Michael believes there is no “magic bullet” to pain relief but rather a regular regime of various modalities, all working in unison, to treat the entire person, body, mind and spirit.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Michael on:

  • Readjusting to life after a life-altering accident that pushed Michael to a suicide attempt, and the specific yoga sequence that finally provided relief when nothing else could
  • The simple yet profound mindshift that got Michael through the trials and tribulations of teacher training, after he had already packed his bags to leave early
  • What Michael and his wife did to earn the hatred of health insurance companies, and how they’re helping to bring medical cannabis to the people of Illinois suffering from serious conditions


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1 thought on “DT 011: Back in Balance with Michael Fine”

  1. Michael Fine leaves a lasting impression of how to deal with chronic physical pain. A myriad of modalities. I look forward to meeting him one day. As I do all of your guests. Thank you Henry.

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