DT 012: Humble the Resistance with Jeanne Heaton

Jeanne Heaton’s journey began with the deep realization that if she were to save her life she would need to change it, entirely. After years of debilitating heroin addiction and homelessness, a painful attempt at rehabilitation, and eventually surrender, she discovered hot yoga and realized ‘this’ was the missing ingredient to her recovery, and that it could be the missing ingredient to everyone’s recovery. She received a scholarship to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and went on to co-found the non-profit, ‘One Posture at a Time’ with Pure Action.org in Texas and Fuel Hot Yoga in Georgia. Jeanne is currently drafting her upcoming book, From Junkie to Yogi, Finding Freedom One Posture at a Time.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Jeanne on:

  • Striking parallels between the 12-step program and the practice of yoga, and how yoga fills a critical missing link in the traditional addiction recovery process
  • Why addiction is not a problem of the brain, despite popular opinion, and what addiction is truly a symptom of
  • Why the one person you can’t stand or you think you’re most different from could be your absolute best, most important teacher
  • The simple psychic shift Jeanne made (and continues to practice daily) that unlocked the present moment


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