DT 017: Keep It Ever So Slightly Real with Benjamin Sears

Benjamin Sears is an international teacher cited as “a master” by Yoga Journal (Feb, 2017). In 2007 he opened LUXYOGA, a legendary retreat center in the South of France, and now leads Sacred Geometry Vinyasa teacher trainings worldwide. Forever a student, Benjamin is a former athlete who used yoga to heal from a litany of injuries and surgeries and is committed to orienting students towards a healing path. He draws upon empathy, experience, and his studies of Forrest, Katonah, Dharma Mittra, Astanga and Bikram Yoga as well as meditation and movement modalities including the Ido Portal Method to teach what works.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Benjamin on:

  • How to find (and constantly recalibrate) your path through action and avoid paralysis through analysis
  • Leaving room for improvisation in your life and routine, so that you have a complete arsenal of experiences to draw from, when your circumstances and challenges change
  • Rumi in era of Instagram, and how to honor and respect a master of his craft
  • How he developed his signature Sacred Geometry framework, and what compelled him to empower other teachers to share it


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