DT 024: Depth and Intensity with Kim Tang

When Kim Tang discovered Bikram Yoga in 2003, a fire was lit within her to inspire and empower others in their ability to change their minds, bodies, relationships with themselves, and the consciousness with which they conduct their lives. Her practice borrows from multiple lineages and limbs of yoga, and she believes the body is a learning device for the mind and has worked wholeheartedly to open and strengthen her own body and the bodies of her students. Kim has been a student, teacher, studio owner, presenter, demonstrator, and champion of yoga, and she is here to support your expansion.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Kim on:

  • How to develop the skill of intuition and put yourself in a position to receive guidance on what’s next
  • Why it’s so important to forgive everyone, and how to know if you’ve truly reached forgiveness
  • Identifying and embracing your unique “essence,” so that you can leverage your strengths
  • Spine-centric vs. mind-centric yoga, and why Kim worked her way up to holding a 60-minute wheel pose


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2 thoughts on “DT 024: Depth and Intensity with Kim Tang”

  1. I felt chills listening to Kim Tang. I appreciated learning some more insight into her life prior to yoga and how that has translated to her yoga practice. I have the upmost respect for Kim and she is a huge inspiration. The standard bearer for the higher self! She is constantly gracious and generous with all of her life wisdom! Thank you for this podcast!

    I love that what she says about accepting the essence of her being “intensity and depth”. This was a concept that she discussed in her workshop. I have taken that on a personal level and accepting my “sensitivity” as part of the essence of my being – instead of a weakness. Your essence is your strength! Beautiful!

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