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YOGANÓMADA | Punta Mita, Mexico

Sufi Ocean Club, Punta Mita (map)

YOGANÓMADA, a Yoga & Meditation Hideout takes place in spectacular destinations in Mexico. Punta Mita hosts the event at Sufi Ocean Club, a place that will blow your senses.

The purpose of YOGANÓMADA is to spread and deepen yoga practice, meditation, and breathing techniques. This May, a unique combination of master yogis from around the world will host practical sessions through workshops, master classes and meditation sessions that will provide two days full of activities for all levels.

Join Henry,  as well as Marie Belle and Jhenneviev Heartt, for an intimate and immersive program including yoga classes, workshops, and satsang.

Krishna Shakti Ashram | São Paulo, Brazil

June 11-14, 2020
Krishna Shakti Ashram (map)

Join Henry Winslow for a 4-day retreat to Krishna Shakti Ashram in the depths of nature outside São Paulo, Brazil. Practice will be finished by 1pm each day, leaving ample time for rest and simplicity. All meals and lodging are included.

8-9am daily
Purify and balance your nervous system with a sequence of pranayama techniques, both traditional and modern. Class will begin with calming breathwork to gently and naturally guide your mind into a meditative state. Then, we will transition into a profoundly powerful and revelatory breathing technique using kumbhaka (retentions) to alter your brain chemistry and bring about a lasting feeling of euphoria.

9:15-10:45am daily
While each Hatha Vinyasa sequence is thoughtfully designed within a theme, all Hatha Vinyasa masterclasses include pranayama, sun salutations, standing balance postures, backbends, forward folds, twists, and inversions. With precise and intelligent cueing, Hatha Vinyasa blends the steady focus on breath and bandha of Ashtanga Yoga, the spinal movement of Bikram and Ghosh Yoga, and the pranic and psychic purification of Dharma Yoga for an experience that is uniquely comprehensive, therapeutic, and empowering.

11am-1pm daily
Daily workshops will cover conceptual themes, techniques, and drillwork for advancing one’s practice of backbends and handstands. We focus on these two topics in this immersion because of the role each plays in awakening one’s dormant energy. Backbends evoke a sense of euphoria by moving energy through the heart and compressing the central nervous system through the spinal column. Handstands flush the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems while demanding total presence of mind, as a true moving meditation. By refining our techniques, we are able to tap into an infinite source of creative energy, sustain our practice over the long term, and find renewed interest, vigor, and joy in our exploration of ourselves.

Photo credits: Header by Fabio Filippi. Stars by Wil Stewart.

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