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What is Dharma Talk?

Dharma Talk is the most rewarding passion project I’ve taken on in recent memory. In short, it’s a platform for me to have conversations with people whom I admire deeply and whose messages I am honored to spread. Each week, I release a new podcast episode featuring an interview with an esteemed guest about their perspective on dharma, and how that understanding has evolved over time, and how it is taking shape now. I’d love for you to be one of those guests!”
 — Henry Winslow

Below is the official podcast description:
Yoga student and teacher, Henry Winslow, interviews inspirational yogis about their path and purpose in this life, and how their yoga practice has shaped it. Tune in each week for powerful stories of self-discovery, resistance, and triumph, and get inspired to live your dharma.

Hear For Yourself

Have a listen, and get a feel for what the show is all about. If it’s not your style, no hard feelings. 

Why Speak on Dharma Talk?

Reach a
New Audience

Dharma Talk has logged over 100,000 downloads across over 90 countries, since its launch in March 2018! Today, Dharma Talk gets over 8,000 downloads per month!

In addition to this global community of listeners, you will tap into Henry’s network on Instagram of over 28k followers. Henry promotes every episode with a permanent post and story, tagging the featured guest prominently.

Your Message

Podcasts in general are growing in listenership: monthly listeners grew from 24% of Americans 12+ to 26% year over year (source)…. and with good reason! There is something special about hearing someone’s voice that establishes an immediate emotional connection. And in an age when distractions rule, podcasts have an extraordinary ability to capture listeners’ prolonged attention.

The format of Dharma Talk is set up to give you total freedom. Henry does not bring an agenda, and he encourages you to share from the heart.

Be of

By giving just one hour of your time, you are doing a great service to our growing listenership of yogis and spiritual seekers. You might even consider this energetic exchange an extension of your dharma.

You’ll be in good company, too. Past guests include internationally revered teachers Kino MacGregor, Benjamin Sears, Talia Sutra, Jared McCann, and Bee Bosnak.

How Our Listeners Feel

Ready To Book Your Interview?

It’s easy. Just pick a one-hour time slot on my calendar through the form below.

How to Prepare + What To Expect


There is no outright content preparation required for the interview. However, each episode of Dharma Talk begins with the same question, and some guests choose to reflect on that question before the interview:

What does the word dharma mean to you, and what is your dharma as you understand it today?

After that, the conversation tends to flow naturally. Think of this interview as your opportunity to share what matters to you. Henry does not bring an agenda to the interview, as his wish is to give you a non-judgmental platform to tell your story.


Please give our one hour together your undivided attention. In other words, find a quiet space with solid, reliable, and ideally high-speed internet connection. Have a pair of headphones handy to minimize feedback and ensure optimal audio quality. If you have one, a USB microphone is a plus but certainly not necessary. Lastly, be sure to silence your phone and place it on airplane mode — or better yet, turn off your phone completely.


After we finish the interview, your job is mostly done! Henry will take care of editing and publishing the podcast across all platforms — Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, and more — and will let you know the air date well ahead of time so you have time to plan your content as needed.

Please be sure to announce the episode on the day it releases. Doing so helps us reach a broader audience of people who can benefit from it! Please share with your social media following (Instagram post and story, if possible) and with your email list if you have one. Note that Henry may ask you for hi-res photos in order to promote the episode on his channels.

Thank you!

I look forward to holding space for our conversation and sharing your dharma with a growing community of seekers!

If you have any questions throughout the process, you are more than welcome to email me at