Online Classes and Workshops

Live Classes

I teach weekly livestream classes, offered by donation. For unrestricted access, simply join my mailing list. When you sign up, you’ll receive a free Hatha Vinyasa class recording as a bonus, so you can get started practicing with me right away.

Live Workshops

I occasionally offer livestream workshops covering specific skills, practice areas, and topics of interest. Current and upcoming workshops are listed only once registration is opened to the public. My email subscribers always receive early access and discounted pricing.

On-Demand Classes

I am honored to have two programs available on Omstars, a rich resource of yoga content from a diverse group of teachers and traditions. Clarity Practice is a 9-video course that includes a mix of comprehensive classes, short and focused sequences, and esoteric practices. Henry Yoga: Progressive Practice Evolution is a transformative program of efficient, supercharged classes and skill-based workshops, all 40 minutes in length, so that anyone can advance their practice through a modest daily time commitment. 
Register for Omstars with my referral code OMSTARSHENRYP to unlock a full 30-day free trial.

On-Demand Workshops

Of all my online offerings, my workshop courses offer the most immersive and in-depth learning experience. These courses include a rich curriculum with multiple hours of video content, which you can unpack at your own pace and watch as many times as you like. So far, I have two courses available — Building Blocks of Backbending and It’s All in the Hips — and I plan to create more on other topics in the future.

Photography by Renee Choi.