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I offer weekly livestream classes through Zoom, open to any and all who would like to join. Subscribe to my newsletter for access to the classes, and consider making a donation. All classes are offered on a voluntary, pay-what-you-can basis.

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Henry Yoga is a thoughtfully sequenced curriculum of powerful and efficient Hatha Vinyasa classes and skill-building workshops, designed to advance one’s yoga practice from home.

It’s currently available as an iOS app in the US and via our web app worldwide.

The program is designed to be followed over 40 consecutive days, but whether you complete a perfect 40-day streak or you take the course at your own pace, you pay once and get unrestricted access for life.

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Clarity Practice

Welcome to Clarity Practice, a challenging and empowering course that will get you feeling the great potential of your body and the subtleties of your breath. Henry Winslow is an expert teacher who has crafted these eight classes to help you work into your flexibility and strengthen your major muscle groups with traditional yoga asana. Simultaneously, his teaching offers opportunity to let the awareness drop down into the more profound depths. Hips, core, backbending, twists, pranayama and mantra are all focal points of this diverse offering. You will finish these classes feeling invigorated, challenged, embodied and revitalized.

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