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8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For That Anxious Person in Your Life

Looking for a yoga app that’s more than a workout? The Henry Yoga app goes deeper than your typical “yoga workout app” to reset the nervous system and combat anxiety by combining physical practice with breathwork and yogic teachings. On a mission to make yoga accessible for all, the 40-day, 40 minutes program is an affordable alternative to a pricey studio membership.

Dallas Yoga Magazine

Henry Winslow, International Yoga Champion

Henry’s yoga practice began to spill off his mat and into his life. The advertising profession was a challenge and Henry, a self-described Type A personality, always had a goal…the next thing. Henry said he realized something significant… “there is no use postponing happiness until a future date that might not arrive”. Yoga helped him understand his truth, and he realized in this process that his values and his career were not lining up. He had always had an aversion to medication and yet here he was, working for the pharma industry. He left his corporate job and created his profession around yoga. He came to see teaching yoga as a different kind of healing service he could offer to others, and the work he had carved out made sense to him.

Podcast Interviews

Mastering the Business of Yogi

Creating a Yoga App with Henry Winslow

Amanda Kingsmith and Henry dive into Henry’s yoga story, what inspired him to become a yoga teacher, and his career as a yoga teacher. We talk about traveling and teaching, as well as why he decided to build the Henry Yoga app and what he’s learned through the process of building his yoga app.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Henry first found yoga and became a yoga teacher
  • How Henry went from teaching his first yoga class to building a career as a teacher
  • Going right from a teacher training into traveling and teaching on a yoga tour
  • The importance of structure in your day when teaching
  • How you can create more structure in your days when you’re traveling and working
  • What the process of creating the Henry Yoga app was like
  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid to use technology to grow our practice and teaching

Mindful Impact Podcast

Episode 53: Henry Winslow – Introduction to Yoga

In this episode, you’ll hear from Henry Winslow on:

  • [05.31] His deep dive into yoga. Henry sets out his life’s trajectory so far, from high-achieving Harvard graduate and New York advertising executive to Californian-based yoga teacher.
  • [14.35] Sacred numbers. Justin and Henry discuss the significance of the number 108 in the yoga tradition. There are said to be 108 marma points, (places where the energy lines intersect), in the body and 108 beads in a Japa mala, the type of prayer beads used for meditation.
  • [18.09] Using the yoga bandhas. Henry explains how to engage the bandhas, (energy locks in the pelvic floor, abdomen and throat), to create lightness, stability and strength in the body.
  • [36.44] Surrendering into savasana. Justin learns about the importance of the pose usually performed at the end of a yoga practice to provide total relaxation and balance to the body.
  • [39.14] The Seven Chakras. Henry sums up the chakras starting from the root chakra, Muladhara, located at the base of the pelvic floor and ending with the crown chakra, Sahasrara, positioned at the top of the head.
  • [43.09] The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Justin and Henry consider how yoga can be carried off the mat and into daily life through the adoption of a meditation practice and adherence to yogic philosophy and codes of conduct.

On & Off Your Mat Yoga Podcast

Episode 47: Yoga Competitions and Staying Connected to Your Life’s Purpose with Henry Winslow

On this episode, Henry answers the following questions:

  • You were the International Yoga Sport Federation’s World Champion in 2018, can you tell us why you got into these competitions?
  • How do you balance preparing for competitions with practices of contentment or intentional living?
  • What did it mean for you to win? What happens when you get to that level of mastery with the body?
  • You were a competitive diver and an athlete, how is yoga as a sport different than other competitive sports?
  • I think yoga, has an impact on our relationship with ourselves and others, what are some of the things you’ve learned about yourself and others in these competitions?
  • You host the Dharma Talk Podcast, how do you define dharma and what would you say your dharma is?
  • How does your yoga practice shaped your dharma?
  • How can yoga help us live a life of purpose and personal significance?
  • What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned from hosting this podcast?
  • You also have an app called The Henry Yoga App. I know your mission is to make yoga accessible for all… How do you do that coming from such an advance physical practice?
  • From the outside, it seems like you’re doing it all… Where do you go from here? How do you stay anchor in the present and at the same time continue to grow your business?
  • Any tips for teachers that want to travel and teach?

The Yogi Show

Episode 25: Henry Winslow

On this episode of The Yogi Show the boys have an enlightening conversation with Henry Winslow! Henry is the 2018 International Yoga Sport Federation’s World Champion, the host of the Dharma Talk Podcast, and the creator of the Henry Yoga App. This conversation is full of valuable nuggets that will keep you laughing, and enlightening up all at the same time.

Yoga is Vegan Podcast

Episode 30: Henry Winslow on Yoga, Teaching, and Veganism

In this episode Holly Skodis and Henry Winslow discuss: Henry Winslow’s podcast Dharma Talk; Yoga teacher and photographer Fabio Filipi; Maha dharma and unique dharma; Dharma Mittra; Screamers Pizzeria; Documentaries Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy & What The Health; Dr. Melanie Joy “Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism”; “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari; Ghosh Yoga; International Yoga Sport Federation’s World Championships; Rajashree & Bikram Choudhury; Yoga Inc Documentary; Rose Erin Vaughan Science of Self Yoga & MYT Workshops & Certifications. 

Yogi Misfit Sessions

Episode 83: Online Content Feat. Henry Winslow

Henry joins today to talk about creating online content. Something we see every day, from Instagram posts to full-length classes and taking the step further to start to create our own. It was such a pleasure to have him on today and talk about using technology as a way to share the message of yoga.

Abundant Yoga Teacher Podcast

Business of Yoga Speaker Series Day 8: Henry Winslow

Henry Winslow is a dedicated yoga practitioner, whose teaching is rooted in the Ghosh, Ashtanga, and Dharma Yoga traditions. In 2018, Henry took first place in the International Yoga Sport Federation’s world championships. In this episode we talk about: how to start your own product line… EASILY; what the International Yoga Sport Federation’s World Championships are REALLY about; Why Yoga Teachers should embrace ‘entrepreneurship.’

Twenty Somethings Podcast

Episode 9: Yoga, Meditation, and Reframing Religion

On this episode of Twenty Somethings we chat with Henry Winslow – a former competitive diver turned yoga instructor. He has a podcast called Dharma Talk with Henry Winslow, available on all podcast apps. We talk about Yoga, Meditation, Flow State, and the difference between Religion and Spirituality, and how we can work to merge the two.