Recommended Products and Reading

Practice Gear

Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand shorts have been painstakingly designed and field tested by top athletes from all disciplines to deliver ultimate performance and comfort, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. My pick: the Session Short, 5″ inseam with liner.

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Ananday yoga mats and practice accessories are plastic-free, non-toxic, and planet-kind. All products are 100% biodegradable and recyclable, right down to the packaging, and for every item sold, Ananday plants a tree.

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Future Kind

Future Kind offers an array of evidence-based, clean-ingredient products, specifically made for vegan and plant-based diets. With science and environmental sustainability at its core, the Essential Vegan Multivitamin offers everything you need (B12 + Omega 3 + D3) and nothing more.

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Seed‘s Daily Synbiotic is a 24-strain broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic, formulated for systemic benefits and rigorously tested beyond the highest global regulatory standards.

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Dharma Talk Reading List

At the end of every interview on my podcast, Dharma Talk, I asked my guest to recommend one book — either or modern or ancient — for our listeners. You can find the complete list of recommended books on my Amazon storefront. Look no further for a thorough reading list to enlighten and inspire you on your path.


Commune is a video class platform for personal and societal wellbeing, on a mission to create a global wellness community around the ideas and practices of the world’s greatest teachers.

Access their entire library of courses with a free 14-day trial, or jump into two of my favorites: Wim Hof Method and Ecstatic Breathwork with Scott Schwenk.

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Tools for Teachers


Sabinetek‘s SmartMike+ is the wireless microphone I use to record video and broadcast livestream classes with high-fidelity audio.

Keep in mind that you’ll need the twin pack (pair of devices) in order to record using any of your familiar iPhone or Android apps, such as Instagram, Zoom, or the native camera app. If you have the single device, you are limited to the accompanying Sabinetek camera app.

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